About Us  

Computer Ambulance was set up to meet the demands of the residential and small business owner. These were two segments of the market whose tech support needs were simply not being met adequately. If a problem does occur, most residential or small business owners find it impossible to get quality, knowledgeable, timely support at a reasonable price. They do not want to be put on hold – they do not want to be given excuses, they do not want inept tech support staff and certainly do not want to be ripped off. That’s why Home Computer Ambulance started.

Computer Ambulance is business for the long-haul. With constant changes in technologies it is important to have a business that can offer technological solutions today as well as further down the road. We are not part-time, hobby technologists, or students still in college.

We are in no way whatsoever affiliated with any other computer repair companies baring possible resemblance to our own name. ALL our work carried out is of the highest quality and is fully guaranteed.