Why Choose Us  
1) We generate a substantial part of our business from word-of-mouth recommendations and use only low cost advertising techniques, therefore pass the saving on to you the consumer.

2) We come to you. You do not have to unplug your computer, unplug all the cables and lug it into a car down to the nearest computer store. We come directly to your home or office. This is convenient for you, but also allows us to observe problems where they occur and subsequently provide the most effective timely solution.

3) Any one we send out to you is not only experienced and technically proficient, but can communicate what the problem is in easy to understand language and what possible solutions there are to rectify your problem. We do not answer clients questions with jargon – hoping the questions will go away. We answer all questions knowledgably and honestly.

4) We use state-of-the-art diagnostic software and hardware tools to diagnose your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. After all, you probably spent more than a €1000 on your machine and the last thing you want is a technician without the proper tools for the job.

5) ALL our work is fully guaranteed. We stand behind our repairs and service 100%. In the unlikely event of the problem(s) being still there after we have left – we will remedy the problem free-of-charge. Unlike the quick-fix band-aid approach some computer repair technicians offer, we go beyond immediate repair and show you ways to prevent the problem recurring.

6) Quality Parts + Quality Software whatever parts or software that need to be put into your computer – you can be assured they are of the highest quality. We do not engage in the practice of installing parts into a computer which are (a) not compatible with your system thus creating more problems (b) low grade parts have limited lifespan or can hinder your computing enjoyment. Likewise with software, poor quality software can not only be frustrating to the user but also create compatibility issues.

7) It is easy for any company to make spurious claims of how great they are. With Home Computer Ambulance you will be joining a long list of satisfied customers. We have never lost site of the fact that referrals have been a substantial part of all our new business. Home Computer Ambulance strives to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with all our customers. We look after our customers, so they will look after us.

8) Unlike other computer repair technicians, we do not happen to sell computers and then try to bully the client into expensive solutions – we will give you an honest cost effective appraisal of your existing system and present you with your options. Just arrange for a callout with us. Likewise, if your computer is simply not economically viable for you to repair or upgrade - we will not hesitate in informing you. If you do decide to buy a new computer we will advise you on a system to suit your needs and help you transfer all your existing word processing files, email, music etc over to your new machine.