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Services to Residential Users and Business Users

Virus Removal + Prevention – Think you have a computer virus ? Unfortunately, the viruses in circulation these days are becoming more and more stubborn for the average computer user to remove themselves .Let us use our advanced techniques to cleanse your system and help prevent future infection.

Hardware Repair / Installation – We use state-of-the-art tools to pinpoint your hardware or software problems with minimum fuss, we repair/replace cd rom drives, cd-rw drives, dvd drives, power supply units, monitors, cpus, modems, motherboards, network cards, video cards and sound cards.

Has your hard drive failed or is it about to fail? Don’t have those irreplaceable files/photos lost forever! We can install quality hard drives from 40 GB - to 250 GB.

Is your printer failing to print properly or not printing at all?

Would you like to be able to “burn-cds”? Have a cd-burner professionally installed by us.

Non-Starting Computer Problems

  • faced with a black screen when you power on ?
  • does your computer turn-on and then suddenly turn-off?
  • when you press the power button nothing happens ?
  • does your computer freeze at the logon screen ?
  • get your computer to start first time, every time – call us.

Desktop and Laptop Upgrades

  • A system upgrade can work wonders to make your computer operate more efficiently.
  • run programs that you were unable to run before
  • have a more stable and reliable system
  • be able to more applications at once without system crash

Advanced Removal of Screen Pop-Ups/Spyware

Screen pop-ups have become the bane of the modern computer user. Installed on people’s computers (often through no fault of their own) they can be irritating and often offensive. Call us and we will use our advanced techniques to eliminate them and any accompanying spyware in no time.

Computer Speed-Up / Overhaul

In time your car needs a tune-up, so does your computer!

  • make Windows start quicker
  • have faster internet speeds
  • access files quicker
  • eliminate those irritating crashes,
  • make your programs run more smoothly

Wireless Broadband Internet

Do you have a broadband connection already? How would you like to be able to use that connection anywhere in your house ? Imagine writing emails from your living room chair ? Or surfing the net while in the back garden. No expensive subscriptions involved – call us for more details.

Data Transfer

Transfer data from one computer to another e.g. from your old computer to your new computer. Avoid the hassle of constantly having to power-up and retrieve data from your old computer. Get it all done at once with Home Computer Ambulance.

Data Recovery

If your computer has crashed but you still have important files stored on your hard drive which you need to access –don’t panic. Our data recovery service can help you to retrieve them. We operate a “no data recovery = no fee” policy.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is one of the most ignored aspects of computer ownership. Most people believe that computers don’t need preventative maintenance and you should use them until they break. Unfortunately, computers have a tendency to breakdown just when you need them the most. You could be just about to finish that business report or just about to book a flight on the internet when all of a sudden it will not boot up or fail to run your essential programs. This is where preventative maintenance can help.

We can do a complete health-check of your working computer and plug any holes or security weakness it may have before they turn into any “pc meltdown” situations. This saves you aggravation, time and can often saves you against data loss. As the saying goes “A stitch in time saves nine”.

Computer Lessons In Your Own Home/Office

Learn how to control your computer, not the other way round. We teach you (at your own pace of course) how to get more out of your computer than you thought possible. Learn the basics such as how to write a letter with Microsoft Word, how to send email or the secrets of doing advanced research on the internet. Also, learn how to take full advantage of your digital camera and be able to send photos to your friends or clients anywhere in the world in no time.

Also, you can write out a list of questions you want answered about your computer system – give us a call and we will answer them for you onsite, giving you a live demonstration as we go along.

Services to Business Users.

”Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other” – Bill Gates

Don’t let the name “Home Computer Ambulance” deceive you. We also provide all of the above services to small/medium sized businesses who cannot justify the cost of having a full-time I.T person. We know the negative effect computer downtime can have on your productivity so that’s why we strive to get your systems up and running in the fastest time possible.

Are you a small / medium sized business less than satisfied with your existing I.T solution provider? Tired of your existing provider promising everything to you but failing to deliver? Why not make the change to Home Computer Ambulance?

  • no more excuses
  • no more inept technical staff
  • no more being put on hold
  • no more technical jargon
  • no more bloated charges or price surprises

Like the services we provide to our residential customers, our solutions are quick, practical, affordable and delivered by friendly and professional staff.

Remember: All Our Work is 100% Fully Guaranteed.

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