Remote PC and Mac Support

Remote PC and Mac Support

Some software and hardware configuration problems can be solved remotely.

Problems which we can solve remotely include:

  • Remote setup and configuration of email

  • Remote fix of Windows or Mac error messages

  • Remote software support

  • Remote virus and malware removal

  • Remote printer installation

  • Remote device driver installation

  • Remote Office 365 and iCloud Support

How does your remote computer support service work?

  1. You download from the internet remote login software, such as Teamviewer, onto your PC or Mac.

  2. Once downloaded, this will provide you with a one-time unique password, which you then give to our technicians over the phone.

  3. This password enables our technicians to remotely login to your computer to fix your PC or Mac problem remotely. .

  4. Once the remote support session has endedyour pc or Mac problem has resolved, you can click a button and the remote connection to your PC is cut and access to terminated. .

  5. Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card.